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´╗┐Globetrotters look to Twitter for travel tips

Social networking can also "Anaboliset Aineet" help you in your travels "Anabolika Definition" and it just a tweet away!

HABITUAL tweeters often use the network to prepare for their travels, whether to find good deals, choose which sights to see and local activities, get directions or complain to local travel professionals, according to the findings of Allianz Global Assistance first HELPME observatory.

People use Twitter most frequently to organize their trips and get tourist advice. Comprar Levitra Thirty eight percent of the network subscribers trust their own to help them pick destinations, sights worth seeing or activities to enjoy on location.

Very few of them tweet questions about the minor hassles "Oxandrolone Powder India" of travelling, such as problems Anavar 1 Hour Before Workout with visas, money, baggage or getting in touch with the embassy. Problems getting reimbursed for plane tickets in particular, and to a lesser extent for medical expenses, account for seven percent of tweeted requests.

Nearly half of targeted tweets get answered.

On the whole, a third of travel related queries are tweeted directly to travel professionals, most of them concerning requests for advice or help solving a problem. One third of these tweets receive at least one answer, although the observatory couldn quite Anadrol Dosage figure out whether the responses are satisfactory or not. In any case, the best way to obtain an answer is to your question directly to an identified contact (46% response rate).

It should be noted that those who use Twitter to request help before, during or after Anavar Just Cardio a trip are generally frequent tweeters with nearly a thousand followers on average (the Tweeter has about 50 Only 20% of them use hashtags to a general tweet that can be identified by one or more key words (HELPME; PARIS or even LOST).

This social networking observatory was carried out by The Metrics Factory for Allianz Global Assistance, based on a list of 25,000 tweets in "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" English concerning travel situations and requests in March 2013. AFP Relaxnews