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'I will share negotiating duties with Marcus Evans'

"The identification of players is a matter for the manager, then it's a case of where they fit within the finances that we've got available."There's no particular budget, but in very broad terms 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron Paul (Jewell) has got some understanding in terms of what monies may be available. Then it's down to Marcus (Evans) or I to undertake the negotiations and try to make those deals happen."Asked what determined whether he or Evans negotiated player contracts, Clegg said: "It depends on a whole range of issues. It may depend on the quantum of what's being discussed at the "Comprar Gh Jintropin" end of the day it's Marcus' money. It might depend on where he is in the world. It may depend upon relations that he or I may already have with the agent. "There's no one particular model.""If Paul comes to us and says he Anadrol 25 Mg Per Day wants Wayne Rooney I think we all recognise it's not going to happen with the sort of budget that we've Equipoise Bloat got, but I think he has been quite sensitive to budget."We have demonstrated previously that Marcus is prepared to support him financially with some reasonably expensive signings; you look at Jay Emmanuel Thomas (600,000 with add ons) and Michael Chopra (1m) last season."Not withstanding the dynamics of financial fair play, money will be available going forward."Let me just say that already, less than two week days beyond the end of the season, there are already some live issues."At the end of the day it's the manager's job that's on the line. We've employed a professional manager to deliver what we want delivered for this football club. His reputation and his future employment rests on that. Therefore, we're not a club that effectively sends our manager in to fight with one hand tied behind his back."I passionately believe that the manager needs to be the major driver behind the decisions as to who comes into the club, so long as we can provide him "Oxandrolone Powder India" with the resources to do that. I don't think there can be any arguments in terms of resources having been available over the last few years since Marcus joined the club."PAUL JEWELL'S CONTRACTWith the Blues manager now entering "Comprar Gh Jintropin" the final year of his two and a half year contract, Clegg said: "Of course it's something we will have to assess at some stage. Marcus and I tend not to necessarily draw lines in the sand on these issues though. You just have to see "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" how it goes."We're highly conscious of the issue. I think there's a bit of a perception out there that the season comes to an end and all of a sudden the chief executive, owner and the manager think 'crikey, there are contracts to deal with'. It just doesn't happen like that."We're constantly on top of these things, despite the fact that some of the fans might not think we are. We quite rightly keep our cards close to our chest though because not to do that would cause you all sorts of financial pain."There is a lot that goes on in the football club which, quite rightly from a business perspective, fans are not aware of. We are on top of these things and we deal with them in a timely manner as and when we have to."PART TWO TO FOLLOW ON MONDAYCyril, agree with your assessment of Leadbitter but there was a player who cost us and was allowed to walk away for nothing.Also don't forget Priskin who was bought by RK for 1M+ and was PAID to have his contract cancelled.Perhaps you can begin to understand why I and so many others have no confidence in the present regime at PR and are concerned at where these people are taking us despite the alleged EADT poll on ME last week if only they could inform us on which day this poll was launched.As someone who would prefer SC I know I open myself up to accusations of just moaning at anything he says or does but I consider myself fairly reasoned. Some of what SC has done has been good, such as the way the club dealt with marking Sir Bobby's passing and what he says here sounds and is perfectly reasonable. But there are still hints of lessons still not learnt like their attitude to contracts. Regardless of whether they do leave contract negotiations to the end or not, contracts are still being left run out and not only is that criminal (obviously not in the literal sense) but it causes us the huge financial pain that he says they are trying to avoid. Let us please get someone in who knows how to deal with footballers and their agents.Brian you agree with my assemsment, and therefore you should understand why I left him out as I said Top players.With regard to the ME question I voted NO, If Gold and Sullivan were interested as reported, I do not understand why Sheepshanks landed us with ME.In fairness I feel he would do much better if he had a footballing man in the CEO position as at the moment if is the blind leading the blind.However you cannot blame PJ having to manage the current squad Bolt 200m but with the right signings, it may come good.I don't think there can be any arguments in terms of resources having been available over the last few years since Marcus joined the club."