Dedicated To Providing
Reliable Storage Solutions

Multistor Storage Solutions Pte Ltd was founded in 1991 by Christopher Mok and Madeleine Tan. With former work experience at an industry leading company, both are key players with 30 years of industry knowledge. Multistor is dedicated to providing reliable custom solutions to optimally fulfill clients’ needs while enhancing the efficiency of their processes.

We Offer An Extensive
Range Of Solution-Driven
Storage Products

We are adept in Space Planning and Workflow Optimization, Manufacturing, Supplying and Commissioning of Shelving, Compactus, Adjustable Pallet Racking Systems, Automated Systems and offer an extensive range of solution-driven storage products.

Providing Your Company
With Customised
Innovative Solutions

Over the many years, we have supplied our products to numerous companies of all sizes, spanning across different industries and sectors. Our installments range from Mobile Compactus Systems to file dockets, Conservation Grade Museum Art Storage Systems for timeless pieces and historic artefacts, as well as custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Shelving Systems for any clean room application. We are certain to provide your company with custom innovative solutions for any application, while staying committed to quality after-sales service.

Our Mission

At Multistor Storage Solutions Pte Ltd we strive to provide turnkey storage solutions to meet our clients varied and unique requirements, with long-term focus at our core. With our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we can present reliable and cost effective solutions that do not compromise on quality.

Aside from innovating solutions, we cater to improve and optimize existing storage configuration. Our service does not stop there as we pride ourselves in excellent after-sales support with quick turnaround, committing to a long-term partnership with our clients.

Our Vision

  • To continually innovate forward-thinking and reliable solutions using progessive technology.
  • Working towards stability and sustainable growth with long-term vision.
  • Create long-term partnerships allowing for both your company and Multistor to scale together.
  • Always putting quality, design and service together in the perfect trifecta.
  • To become the foremost leader in Singapore’s Storage Solution industry.

Company Overview


30 years of experience in the Logistics, Workflow Optimization and Manufacturing


Reliable Storage Solutions to suit any application or requirements


Consultation of Space Planning and Rack Safety Inspection


Market leading project management


Dedicated and quality after-sales support


We are looking forward to building a long-term and sustainable partnership with your company!

Our Commitments

Multistor Storage Solutions Pte Ltd has been serving the Storage Solution industry since its founding in 1991. We focus on bringing only the best quality of products and designs, coupled with remarkable workmanship and service. These factors have continued to bring us to the forefront of the industry and have constantly brought back returning clients throughout the years.

  • Founded in 1991
  • Long-term partnerships and sustainable growth with our clients
  • Popularised the Safety aspect of Warehouse Storage Safety, making it our utmost importance when visiting warehouses.
  • ISO45001, SEMA UK and bizSAFE Star certifications have recently been added to our accolades, which have propelled us ahead of the market whilst maintaining a streamline work ethic standard.

Value-Added Service

Multistor Storage Solutions Providers Pte Ltd .

Increased Pallet Locations

Reconfiguration in a safety oriented methodology

After-Sales Service

Purchase of products and installations post project completion,
allowing for full modularity of our product line up.

Warehouse Storage System
Inspections (SEMA UK)

Our SEMA UK approved inspector will come up with a full report on your new or existing Storage System. With damage report to access which items requires your attention for replacement.

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